Buzzwords and Definitions

The problem with discussion of important issues is that those involved too quickly resort to buzzwords. A buzzword is a word that has an immediate emotional impact, but has no agreed definition. In polite every-day conversation this does not present a problem. We all can talk about what time it is even though none of us can give a rigorous definition of time. But when talking about issues of great importance, buzzwords are a hindrance. Those of the Left employ undefined buzzwords rather than rational argument in order to silence their opposition. The Left constantly is talking about “justice” and “racism.” No one wishes to be seen as an advocate of “injustice” or a practitioner of “racism,” so very few wish to speak against the Left. As a result there is very little discussion of definitions. What is “justice”? What is “racism”? Even to ask these questions is tantamount to challenging the hegemony of the Left.

Of all people, Christians ought to be most bold in challenging the Left by pursuing definitions. But such Christians are all too rare. Theological liberalism is but a religious way of being Leftist. All they do is put a religious slant on the buzzwords. …

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