Canadian Virtue Signalling Run Amok: The Case of Colten Boushie

Things don’t change much in the land of satanic stasis commonly known as Canada. The snow’s on the ground, the Queen’s on her throne, and the red death holds sway over all. That’s how it’s been since time immemorial. So when the very occasional win comes the way of the kinist, the effect is akin to a powerful Chinook wind pushing away forty below temperatures, at least for a season. And God in His mercy has delivered just such a balm our way this winter.

On August 9, 2016, in the vicinity of Biggar, Saskatchewan, 22-year-old Coulten Boushie, his girlfriend, and two pals – all denizens of the nearby Cree Red Pheasant First Nation reservation – decided to wrap up an idyllic afternoon of boozing and horseplay in the local river by going on a looting and vandalizing spree of nearby farms. In broad daylight, yet. Perhaps the thinking was that most farmers would be busy out in the fields with the season’s early combining, or late haying. Or perhaps there was no thinking involved whatsoever. At any rate, after smashing a few things at a couple of places, they moseyed into the yard of Gerald Stanley, and soon …

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