Clarence Thomas and the Party House

NEW YORK—I think Clarence Thomas made the right decision in the Wild Party House Case before the Supreme Court, but I think maybe my reasons would be different from his reasons.

In case you haven’t been hanging out in Northeast D.C. lately, here’s what happened.

A couple of people called the cops around 1 a.m. because there was loud music coming from a house near Anacostia Road and Blaine Street. I’ve never partied in this neighborhood, but pictures of it look like it’s made up of big clapboard houses and small brick apartment buildings. During oral arguments a couple of the Supreme Court justices called it “low-income.” So my first question is, How did they know that?

I don’t think they have signs on the street corners that say “You Are Now Entering a Low-Income Area, Demographic Details Available on Request.”

Conclusion: At least some members of the Supreme Court are partying in Northeast D.C. so often that they know the salaries and bank statements of individual homeowners and renters.

So one of the callers says he thinks the party is going on in a vacant house. He doesn’t know that for sure, but …

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