Divided We Stand

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– Ryan Thorson

Texian Partisan, Editor

Texans who promote secession to their fellow Texans are often rebuked with a counterargument commonly held among skeptics of independence. These doubters view calls for political separation as counterproductive- that any reform movement can only be successful if it directly targets the US Government through a unified front of all American citizens. Outright secession is often dismissed as unnecessarily radical and merely a back door way for The US Regime or the stealth, controlling powers-that-be to “divide and conquer.” Secession is seen as an unwise action because it weakens a potential united front against an all controlling power.

The Divide

What they may not realize is that this accurately perceived “divide” already exists, independent of the controlling powers. There are those who are inclined towards liberty (or at least more liberty than they presently have) and …

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