Equality-Peddling in This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

The NFL struggle to boost ratings continued with the Super Bowl, and like many on the Right I’m not particularly heartbroken. There are plenty of reasons to despise the NFL, which has degenerated into a cesspool of violent thugs whose criminal tendencies are a constant embarrassment to the league. The recent NFL trend to kneel for the national anthem is driving away many fans who are understandably nonplussed by rich black athletes complaining about oppression. The victim narrative that is pimped by so many NFL players esteems all black criminals killed by police as victims of omnipresent “racism” no matter how obviously guilty the black perpetrators happen to be. To those on the Right the NFL represents what is wrong with postmodern America: worship of black athletes accompanied by religious devotion to a sportsball team as opposed to faith, folk, and family.

Those who remain loyal to the NFL demonstrate the corrosive effects of NFL culture. The degeneracy of the NFL was on full display as Eagles fans celebrated their win the Super Bowl by committing acts of vandalism and in one instance eating horse manure. Nevertheless the NFL remains immensely popular and is still a major foundation …

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