Explicating the Bible of Texas

DALLAS—My buddy Don Graham just finished a book on the State Bible of Texas.

I speak, of course, of Giant, the 1956 multigenerational epic starring Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor that was based on a book written by an old-maid liberal feminist Jew from New York and brought to the screen by a self-righteous martinet from California who started his career working on Laurel and Hardy short films and then became “the conscience of Hollywood” after photographing the piles of dead bodies at Dachau. It’s something of a miracle that over the past six decades native Texans have embraced this saga as authentic history, given its provenance, especially since there are actually two official state movies, and the other one is based on history, not fiction.

The other Texas origin story is The Alamo, the 1960 extravaganza starring John Wayne as Davy Crockett. It’s one of several movies about events surrounding the Battle of the Alamo, and none of them are very satisfying because (a) nobody likes stories where everybody dies; (b) the brave martyrdom of Bowie, Travis, Dickinson, Bonham, and Esparza no longer has any meaning for a state …

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