GOP Fights the National Debt & Other Myths

Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time, there was a magical order of knights called Republicans. These knights were brave, bold, and dedicated to the quest of vanquishing an evil dragon called The National Debt! That old serpent was crafty and strong, and known for glutting itself on the princes and princesses of the enchanted realm of America. Adding to the sorrows of the land, the dragon’s Democrat minions, vicious trolls who worship the bloated serpent, would sacrifice all to ensure that the dragon continued to feed and grow… and GROW! However, the Republican knights were swift and true, and at great risk to life (not to mention their careers as knights), they fought through the trollish hordes and slew the mighty drake, insuring that all the land would be free and prosperous for generations to come! The end. Good story, huh? It’s too bad it was only a fairytale.

Unfortunately, for all the story-telling Washington Republicans do at election time, they have not proven they have any more motivation to shrink spending and the debt than do the Democrats. Time and again this is shown to be the case. When the GOP is out …

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