Government Deploys Public School Drones In Battle For “Gun Control”

The drones are coming.

Not the unmanned mechanical kind that we’ve become all too familiar with in recent years, though the drones we’re talking about are every bit as State-programmed as any Predator-like product deployed in any of our numerous, perpetually ongoing overseas military campaigns. While those mechanical tools are generally employed to enhance the power of the American State overseas, a different sort of drone is being deployed by the same State to secure and expand its power here on the home front.

These particular drones are more commonly known as: “Public school students”.

After generations of patient grooming, these living, breathing products of a State-controlled children’s “education” system are now beginning to realize their full potential and use in service of the State that’s molded them into what they are today. After many decades of purposeful programming, these disciples of the State are now being weaponized and deployed in the battle for “gun control” – which, as we all should know by now, is not a battle to have remove guns from culture so much as it’s a battle to consolidate all dangerous weapons in the hands of government. (For more on this important distinction, please read What

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