I Thought I Knew What Anti-White Hatred Was…and Then I Saw ‘Get Out’

Author’s Note: this review contains spoilers, although if the premise of this movie appeals to you, you are on the wrong website, my friend.

Just in case whites haven’t inflicted themselves with sufficient shame to ensure a chronic recurrence of collective nervous exhaustion for the next thirty years, let’s give them something else to bewail: Hollywood’s horrible depiction of black characters in days long past. Could there possibly be any more degrading imagery than that of happy Africans eating watermelon and fried chicken, strumming the banjo, lolling in bed all day, and being scared into a ‘white’ hue whenever they encounter a spook, or a fake Scooby-Doo variant thereof? And need I even bring up the unfathomable horror that was blackface? Despite the fact that such depictions have been prohibited from tee vee broadcasts for over forty years now, such humiliation somehow managed to scar an entire generation of touchy blacks.

Clearly, lucrative compensation for this campaign of cultural mockery is in order. And Hollywood has responded by putting forth a plethora of movies advocating active white genocide ever since the late fifties. This is only fair, and doubtless will bring about that fabled Elysium of Desiderata

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