Is First Things Willing to Dialogue, or Just Smear?

Where does Connor Grubaugh get off smearing Hunter Wallace, and every other Alt Right Christian, as either a heretic or an idiot? It is tiresome to read the fatwas of these theological boys in a bubble. They act as if Christianity never existed except as a #BlackLivesMatter social justice movement. Their act depends on deceptions of the sort we are used to seeing from Ken Ham. Even when Matthew Rose granted the existence of ethnicity in the Bible, he tiptoed around the existence of race — which is merely a larger ethnic unit composed of multiple nationalities, a la the descendants of Shem, Japheth, and Ham in Genesis 10 and 1 Chronicles 1, for example — in order to magically pretend that race and thus race-realist faith cannot exist.

This foolishness depends on willful ignorance of the Bible and Christian history. As Adi, Ehud, and others here at Faith and Heritage have pointed out repeatedly, in both the early days of the Churchand the Reformation era, and until our day, Church theologians acknowledged the existence of both ethnicity and race, plus the reality of gender roles and biblical sexual mores. None of that went away until …

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