Know Your Enemy: Understanding the serpent, the fall, and the nature of rebellion against Jesus.

How important is it to rightly understand what happened in Eden when the serpent made its pitch and Eve bit on it (literally)?

How important is it that we understand the basic foundation of the satanic proposition recorded in Genesis 3 so that we might identify and confront various versions of the same lame lie as they spring up around us?

These are some of the questions that we’re asking and exploring in this week’s Bible study at the Tennessee General Assembly.

For those who are not all that interested in the Capitol Ministries work that I’m doing in Nashville, please rest assured that I’m not about to turn the Fire Breathing Christian blog into a 24/7 CapMin advocacy tool. That said, there are at least two good reasons that I’ll be sharing General Assembly Bible study updates on a regular basis (probably once per week during Session):

1. The studies are a rare combo of fun and productive.

2. Since I spend 12-15 hours a week prepping and leading each week’s study, I have a lot of time invested and it only seems natural to share writing associated with that work here at FBC.

So thank you for your …

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