Making My Peace With Billy Graham

NEW YORK—Back in the bad old days of the cocaine epidemic, there was a sheriff in Jasper County, Texas, who was visited one morning by four federal agents—two from the FBI and two from the Drug Enforcement Administration. It was a courtesy call. They didn’t really need his help. They’d already made a case on two brothers living in a trailer outside of town who were running a drug operation, and they were about to surround the house with armed officers, break down the door with a no-knock warrant, and make the arrests.

The sheriff asked for the names of the drug dealers, then said, “I know those boys. Let me call ’em first.”

The federal agents freaked out. Absolutely not. The takedown wasn’t ready.

But the sheriff was undeterred. Amidst threats from the lead FBI man, he picked up the phone, got one of the brothers on the line, and said, “You and Billy need to come down to my office, we know what you’re doing and you have to go to court for it.”

Fifteen minutes later, both brothers arrived at the county courthouse to turn themselves in.

That’s called knowing your people—knowing them …

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