Michigan Action Alert: Help Pass HB4430, No Resources for Warrantless Surveillance

The same week that Congress reauthorized and expanded NSA spying, the Michigan House passed HB4430 by a vote of 107-1, a bill to ban “material support or resources” for warrantless federal surveillance programs. (learn more here).  The bill is now in the Senate Judiciary committee where it needs to pass to move forward. Please take the following actions in support!

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 3 p.m. in room 1300, Binsfeld Building, 201 Townsend Street.

1. Call the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Rick Jones. Thank him for scheduling the hearing. Firmly, but politely, urge him to support HB4430 and bring the bill up for a vote after the hearing. A phone call has 10xs the impact of an email.

Jones: (517) 373-3447

2. Call the rest of the committee members. Again, be firm, but polite. Urge each of them to vote YES on HB4430.

Tonya Schuitmaker – Vice Chair (517) 373-0793
Tory Rocca (517) 373-7315
Judy K Emmons (517) 373-3760
Steven M Bieda – Minority Committee Chair (517) 373-8360

If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If …

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