More Fun With the Clintons

WASHINGTON — “Scandalous” — that is the name that Fox News Channel has chosen for a multipart documentary it is airing on Sunday evenings. If you missed it this week, watch it in the weeks to come. It promises a lot of har-hars.

The documentary covers the presidency of … who else? Well, with a title such as “Scandalous,” it could cover the presidency of Warren Harding. But instead it deals with the presidency of that modern-day Warren Harding, Bill Clinton — and his lovely wife, Bruno. It begins with the Whitewater scandal. Now it is covering Troopergate, by which I mean the scandal involving The American Spectator’s unmasking of “Paula.” That is to say Paula Corbin Jones, one of a long line of women suffering the unwanted attentions of Clinton. Fox’s treatment of “Paula” is not without its errors.

For one, her first name was included in the text of the piece by mistake. This is a matter I have written about before. The American Spectator meant to expurgate Jones’ name. Were it not for our error, she would have had no reason to sue Clinton, and the present hysteria over sexual harassment charges would probably be muted. No

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