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NORTH CAROLINA: Group to Fly 100 Confederate Battle Flags in Counties Across State

The Confederate battle flag is a symbol that often fuels gut and knee-jerk emotional reactions among those who fly it and those who see it fly.

Arguments stem from what exactly that flag actually symbolizes – Southern heritage and history or the endorsement of slavery and racial discrimination.

The North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has begun an initiative, titled “Flags Across the Carolinas.” It says the move is intended to encourage education about the banner.

Fans and opponents of controversial battle flag gather in support of their views in Hillsborough, NC in 2015. Chuck LIddy

The initiative calls for the raising of Confederate battle flags or “mega-sized” such flags in all 100 counties in state, said Kevin Stone, the commander of the N.C. Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“My goal is to have a mega flag, or a flag, in a high profile location everywhere — in every county across the state,” Stone said.

Flags Across the Carolinas defines a “mega flag” as one measuring approximately 20 feet by 30 feet in dimension.

The most

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