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SOUTH CAROLINA: Civil War Museum Doesn’t Want State House Confederate Flag

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The S.C. Confederate Relic Room commission reluctantly approved on Thursday a pared-down plan to display the Confederate flag that was removed in 2015 from the State House grounds.

Several commission members said the flag does not belong in the Confederate Relic Room because it’s more of a political flag than a military flag. They suggested it be displayed at the State Museum with the Confederate flags that were removed in 2000 from the State House dome and from the House and Senate chambers.

“This modern flag shouldn’t be here with the flags that carry the sweat and blood of our ancestors,” said commission member Leland Summers, who is the state commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The commission voted 5-1 to approve the latest plan, with the stipulation that commissioners prefer it be sent to the State Museum. The legislation that removed the flag from the State House lawn in 2015 stipulated that it be displayed with respect and in conjunction with other Confederate artifacts at the Confederate Relic Room.

Commissioners also cited a lack of space in suggesting that the flag be sent to

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