Parkland Fantasy Land

No matter what actually happened in the Parkland, Florida, shooting, and no matter what degree of false flag dimension there may be in it, everyone knew what to expect from the media: when gender-bending minority kids in the middle of a Jewish community cry on camera, the usual suspects are looking not for the guilty parties, but for a political scapegoat. They will certainly scapegoat firearms themselves, but also the Second Amendment, 2A advocate groups like the NRA, the Constitution, and our God-given right of self-defense; but ultimately, those are all but symbolic proxies for the faith and folk whence those ideals come.

Nevermind that the real story of the perpetrators of mass shootings turns out to be more problematic for them than us.

Either way, our God given right of self-defense, which is but the inverse corollary of the Sixth Commandment, is not open for debate. No matter the MSM’s emotional manipulation, it is not negotiable. Irrespective of their political extortion, there can be no parlay with madness.

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