Regarding the two recent posts about Rule of Law …

I like the meme of Trump holding up the severed head of Medusa … very emotionally satisfying.

And I love the message of personal responsibility manifest in the essay “Citizen of the Republic” by TL Davis.

But restoration of  “Rule of Law” will not solve our societal problems.  Our problems are rooted in the departure of the legal systems of our various legislative domains from the American and English Common-Law.

Statute and ordinance no longer embody ethics and morality, but stand as mere edict (will of man) to be served up by force.

Read the following … read it again … and again:

Memes, Taxes, and Black: Government: If you refuse teo
 pay unjust taxes, your
 property will be confiscated
 If you attempt to defend your
 property, you will be arrested
 If you resist arrest,
 you will be clubbed
 If you defend yourself against
 clubbing, you will be shot dead
 These procedures are known
 as the Rule of Law
 Edward Abbey
Never make the mistake of conflating legality with morality. The majority of man-made law would be considered immoral if enforced by anyone but those wearing fancy blue uniforms or black robes. ~N

To recover our Rightful Liberty, we need to educate our friends and neighbors about the need to eradicate all statute and ordinance and return to common-law.

And perhaps we should go a little further in our personal responsibility than TL Davis recommends:

Individuals are justified in the initiation of violence to stop Common-Law crime or apprehend Common-Law criminals (a justification for vigilantism).

In “James’ Liberty File”:  you will find an interesting essay titled “Natural Law and Natural Rights”.  It contains some insight and phrasing that I’ve never seen elsewhere.


Natural law is that law which corresponds to a spontaneous order in the absence of a state …

… that law, which it is proper to uphold by unorganized individual violence, whether a state is present or absent, and for which, in the absence of orderly society, it is proper to punish violators by unorganized individual violence.

Source: The NC Renegade

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