Resist the Evil Empire!

Until Southerners stop worshipping the Amerikan Empire, and its obedient servants, there is little hope of seeing true freedom restored to our beloved land and to our descendants.

Stop fooling yourselves. The Amerikan military and the Amerikan militarized police forces are NOT your friends and they are NOT fighting for your freedoms. The plain and simple truth is that the last men to give their lives for our freedom were our Confederate ancestors.

Rest assured, when the time comes to remove the very last vestige of our liberty, it will be the Amerikan military and the Amerikan militarized police forces that will be coming for our firearms. You would do well to recognize that this includes your local police and your local sheriff’s department as well.

The right to keep and bear arms is a pre-existing, God-given, natural right. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution does not grant that right, but it simply recognizes its existence and it proscribes ANY infringement upon it.

You may be confident that the Amerikan military will follow orders to confiscate your weapons. They have done so in the past, most recently following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. And your local sheriff will enforce

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