Rushdoony on Infallible Revelation

Today marks the third annual Rushdoony Commemoration Day, initiated here at Faith and Heritage back in 2016. In 2016 we looked at Rushdoony’s biblical philosophy of history and last year we discussed his view of the United Nations as an anti-Christian religious organization. Today we are going to have a look at Rushdoony’s view of the doctrine on which I believe the church stands or falls, the doctrine of Scripture as special revelation.

Because God cannot lie and is the ultimate truth, Rushdoony argues, God can only speak infallibly.1 If Scripture then reveals itself as the words of God, it can only be infallible. Basic to and theologically underlying the idea of infallibility, he adds, is the absolute sovereignty of God.2 God’s ability to speak infallibly rests on His total and comprehensive knowledge of all things, and this stands in contradistinction to humans, who, by means of their limited knowledge, can only speak fallibly.3

He further notes how the religious influence of rationalism is a very real threat to the flock of Christ:

The church too has gone over to the enemy. Very few seminaries hold now to the historicity of Genesis, chapters 1-11. Supposedly

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