SREC’s Michael Goldman Implies Antisemitism Behind Straus Censure

The first quarter meeting of the SREC of Texas was certainly a contentious one. While it had a full agenda, the most anticipated portion was definitely the vote on censuring the current Texas House Speaker Joe Straus (R). Prior to voting, during the portion where members were allowed to voice for or against the resolution, Michael Goldman from SD 21 brought the proceedings down a path that perhaps few expected.  He, speaking against the measure, strongly implied that the censure of Straus was motivated by anti-Semitism.

Straus, equally disliked for his obstruction of the GOP agenda and draconian leadership style, had already announced his retirement. This was likely due in no small way to the grass roots forcing him out through a multitude of no-confidence resolutions, but also via an open revolt among Republican colleagues such as Texas District 92 Representative Jonathan Stickland. Even Governor Abbott took Straus to the woodshed for blocking his policy objectives by cutting Joe out of the planning for the special session. This rule 44 censure resolution would be the final step in the Speaker’s rebuke.

Initially, Goldman admitted the problematic status of Straus, saying that “the speaker basically governed as a Democrat.” However, he …

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