Team USA or Team World?

The Winter Olympics are a quintessentially white, European event. This is natural, since most of the world’s coldest climes are inhabited by white people. The northeastern Asian nations of North and South Korea, China, and Japan can also claim a share of our heritage in the snow and ice, but through nature and history God destined European man to dominate the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

The United States of America is not, properly speaking, an Arctic nation. With the exception of Alaska, the USA is nowhere near the Arctic Circle. But since America’s first English settlement in modern-day Massachusetts, our people have coped with the cold. Lobstermen, whalers, merchant sailors, lumberjacks, homesteaders, sod busters, ranchers, cowboys, and more are American archetypes. They were born and bred of Northern European blood on North American soil. After hundreds of years of existence as a people, we have no shortage of Americans who know how to thrive in the cold. Through God’s providence, many of America’s largest regions are synonymous with very cold weather and the activities that accompany such a climate. Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and other states in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and Northwest are …

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