Texas Corruption Games

Right ahead of the March primaries, political news in Texas has become particularly busy. Unfortunately, this sort of news is rarely good, and in no exception to this rule, some Texas politicians are exposed in criminal corruption, malfeasance, dishonesty, and blatant opportunism.

On their website, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently harangued one of their own, Texas’ 7th U.S. congressional district Democratic primary front-runner, Laura Moser. The DCCC cast her as the sort that won’t “change Washington,” and, in what should be a supremely damaging quote, they also brought to light her comments to Washingtonian magazine, where she said that she’d “‘rather have [her] teeth pulled out without anesthesia’ than live in Texas.”

The document also criticized Moser for “begrudgingly” and recently moving to Houston while, for 2018, claiming Washington D.C. as her primary residence for a “DC Homestead Exemption,” a charge that if true could bring her eligibility for that seat into question. Additionally, the DCCC accused Moser of keeping campaign funds in the family by hiring her husband’s consulting firm for $50,000, that’s “1 of every 6 dollars raised” benefiting her family, personally.

These accusations will no doubt require some sorting, either in the court of public …

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