The Corruption Of Education

What if education means much more than the systems and certifications we’ve been conditioned (or educated) to obsess over?

What if our approach to education has us focused on the wrong things as a way of distracting us from the things that matter most?

These are some of the important questions we’ll be exploring in this week’s Tennessee General Assembly Bible study as we dive into Part 4 of our “Know Your Enemy” series. This week’s focus is on “The Corruption of Education”.

Our Members only study will take place tomorrow morning from 7-8 a.m., so please pray for it to go well.

For those who are interested and following along, here’s this week’s study guide:

If you’d like a .pdf or Word copy of this material, please let me know and I’ll get a file sent your way (though it could take me a week or so to get ‘er done).

If you’d like to help keep this mission rolling, you can make a tax deductible donation through the CapMin donation page. If you select Tennessee and/or mention me by name (Scott Alan Buss) in the online donation form, your donation will go completely

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