The End of Gun-Rights in America?

In the aftermath of the Florida shooting, political interests and their allies in the media are swooping in to take advantage of the situation, and the usual patterns reemerge to have yet another go at gun-rights. The media begins their pitch using false or misleading statistics that are passed-off as legitimate, “survivors” are put out front as experts so as to avoid debate, the solutions presented (if any) are purposely vague so as to maximize support, the arguments are couched in the language of emotion and moral imperatives, and of course Jimmy Kimmel cries… again! And the goal of all this is to create unstoppable political momentum that will only end with the federal government taking away our right to bear arms.

Say what you want about the anti-gun crowd’s goals, you must admit that what they are doing, at least in terms of getting what they want, is very smart. First, most of the media are de-facto left-wing advocates, so their platform for making this argument is huge. The vagueness of the argument is countermeasure against you realizing the full scope of what they intend to do. To say, “We have to do something, for the children!” carries …

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