The Tired White Normie

The United States is full of tired white people. Over-stimulated and under-nourished with tradition, they simply don’t have the energy it takes to look into their past, research their history, and take pride in exhibiting ancestral traits and values. It could be argued that the normie white is lazy, but to have some charity I’ll stick with, “They’re just a bit tired.”

Except there are those few pesky “nasties” I call them, who slither into their normie skin and so deceive millions of people.

Take for example last year’s viral video of Pastor Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church, who used a rather confused-looking black boy as a prop in his most recent ego-inflation ritual on stage. In this 12-minute clip, he manages to glob all former and current white people into those wonderfully inclusive pronouns of “we” and “our.” He accuses “us” of not wanting to apologize for slavery (worse than muh holocaust!), because we don’t want to feel guilty.

Yes. We, the race that brought about the end of the African slave trade (who could have started it!?) don’t want to feel guilty. He goes on to apologize for conquering the Indians and being big meanies for …

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