The Virtue of Respect and Its Incompatibility with Egalitarianism

A number of virtues are truly indispensable to maintain any civilization and to prevent decline into barbarism. One of the most vital of these is undoubtedly the virtue of respect.

Respecting, or having an admiration or due regard for God’s outstanding creatures and providentially established natural order, is demanded by Scripture and natural law. The dominion mandate demands a form of respect for all of God’s creation as it is redeemed in Christ, and the fifth commandment specifically reveals the necessity of respect to one’s ancestors. In Aristotle the notion of honor or respect is intrinsically linked to unequal yet friendly relationships between superiors and inferiors, where honor and respect are necessary for the endurance of a healthy relationship. Furthermore, the recognition of divine providence demands an attitude of contentment, where we focus on the good in our circumstances, and hierarchical respect involves the same thing, where we focus on the good characteristics and achievements of our superiors. Respect in many ways is contentment applied to hierarchy.

Human civilization, throughout all of history, has been highly dependent on the perpetuation of the virtue of respect within a society. The education of the next generation, by which a culture is maintained, …

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