The Westminster Confession Is Kinism, Part 9

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Alienists will at first scoff at what I’m about to say here. Their initial reaction will no doubt be to allege we are saying White people somehow need the gospel less. So we will dispense with that silly cavil from the outset. We are in fact saying the exact opposite — that the means of God’s grace are just that — grace. And if they retain the slightest regard for truth they will, at length, see that. And if not, they will only have proven their commitment to PC ideology impervious to Christian truth.

Chapter 24, Of Marriage and Divorce, confronts us directly with an ethnically-based model of marriage. Yes, Section 1 condemns bestiality, pedophilia, sodomy, polygamy, and polyandry. And though these parameters apply to men of all nations, Christian marriage has proven a lighter yoke to some than others. In a foregoing portion of this study we noted the normative pattern of marriage among African peoples: whether past or present, the Black family structure proves matriarchal to such extreme extent that they lack any concept of marriage and fatherhood as the confession knows …

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