TNM 2018 Primary Endorsements

With early voting for the March 6, 2018 primary beginning, today I thought we’d focus on this years Texas Nationalist Movements endorsements.

Each of the following received their endorsements through a process that began with a survey which was sent to all candidates in Texas. Based on how their answers lined up with TNM values and goals, TNM members had their chance to vote up or down on each of the respondents and leave their own comments on each candidate for the consideration of other TNM voters.

Here are the results according to party (alphabetically).

Democratic Party

Michael Cooper – Democrat Candidate for Lieutenant Governor “I believe in the Independence of the State – especially the State of Texas… The State[s] always have the right to do what is right for its people, even though other States choose different.”

Brandy Jones – Democrat Candidate for County Commissioner (District 2) “I believe the TNM should support my Candidacy, because [I’m] going to go for what’s right… anything is possible when you believe, and have faith, and push for in helping your county achieve greatness.”


Libertarian Party

Lauren LaCount – Libertarian Candidate for State Senator (Senate District 17) “As a native …

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