Top 4 Encouraging Winter Olympic Films

In the spirit of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, here are a few Winter Olympic movies with lessons for white Christians:

Cool Runnings. Yes, the movie about the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team is implicitly a plea for multiculturalism. Or is it? The film portrays the presence of black bobsledders as innately humorous. I doubt that Wakandans would stand for such a portrayal today. The mostly innocent humor in the film adorns the story of a group whose culture was deemed incompatible with their pursuit of success in the Winter Olympics. It wasn’t the white Olympians who looked down on the Jamaicans’ culture — it was Derice the team’s captain who aped the Swiss and derided his teammates’ Jamaican-ness. One of the pivotal moments of the film occurs after the team’s disastrous first heat at the Olympics, in which their bobsled failed to cross the finish line. The team’s captain resumed his film-long pursuit of imitating the Swiss team (which in the movie’s universe was the standard for bobsledding excellence). The team had adopted the Swiss team’s culture even to the point of speaking their German language while preparing to begin each run down the bobsled track. But as teammate …

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