West Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Authorize Certified Hemp Seed Program, Further Expand Commercial Hemp Market

CHARLESTON, W. Va. (Feb. 23, 2018) – On Tuesday, the West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would establish a hemp seed certification program in the state. Passage of this bill would pave the way for faster development of the state’s hemp market, and further nullify federal prohibition in effect.

A coalition of three Democratic senators introduced Senate Bill 475 (SB475) on Feb. 2. The legislation would authorize the Commissioner of Agriculture to create and administer an industrial hemp seed certification program in West Virginia.

The Senate passed SB475 by a 33-1 vote.

Seed certification is vital to growing a vibrant hemp industry. A shortage of usable certified seed throws up one of the biggest barriers to hemp research and farming. Few domestic seed sources exist, and the federal government strictly regulates importation and transportation of hemp seeds. By creating a program to encourage the development of certified seed in the state, it will open the door to vastly expand the hemp market in West Virginia.

Colorado became the first state in the country to create a certified seed program back in 2016.

West Virginia legalized hemp in 2002. Under that law, the state ran a …

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