White Anglicans Worldwide Are Adrift and Alone

The Church of England is the spiritual mother of many of the West’s great institutions and leaders. Its American branch, the Episcopal Church, was the home of George WashingtonJohn Jay, Robert E. Lee, and other great WASP heroes of old America. From the Church of England came the Methodist movement and the founders of the Methodist Church, John and Charles Wesley. From Methodism came a host of Holiness, Pentecostal, and non-denominational churches.

Elsewhere, the Church of England was the British Empire’s spiritual counterpart. Large Anglican church bodies on the Indian subcontinent, the East Indies, and Africa still pledge their allegiance to the Archbishop of Canterbury as the honorary spiritual father of their own Anglican provinces. Like the British Commonwealth, the Anglican Communion is a non-binding but deeply meaningful union of independent peoples linked by their having played a part in the former British Empire. As an English-led movement, the Anglican Communion is headed by the words and example of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the chief cleric of the Church of England.

So what happens when the Anglican Communion no longer can look to the Church of England for spiritual guidance? The reality is that …

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