White Men Must Confront Traitorous Women

A majority of liberals identify with our enemies on a moral and emotional level, which is why they hate us pro-white, pro-Western Christians so much. The invasion of Europe and the Americas by third-world Muslims is being aided and abetted by emotionally frustrated white women. Not all white women, but a significant minority of them. A number of them have opened up their nations’ borders and their bedrooms to these invaders. They want to cuckold us. They want to be dominated by “the other” to spite us. They want to humiliate us because they feel genuine hatred for us.

(Examples here, and here, and here, and here, and here. These are just examples from refugee camps in Europe, which is a tiny sample compared to all the interracial sexual interactions taking place across North America and Europe.)

This must end, by any means necessary.

Acting the whore must be met with every form of effective shunning in order to disincentivize this behavior. White men must hold white women to a standard of anti-miscegenation, ethnic patriotism, and sexual fidelity. It must be completely unacceptable for white women to act like thots. We pro-white men should make …

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