With Vague Allegations From Mueller/Russia Probe, the Media Go After TNM

Friday February 16, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office released information on indictments they were handing down in regard to their Trump/Russian collusion probe. In it, they made reference to a U.S. person associated with a “‘Texas-based grassroots organization,’” who unsuspectingly communicated with the Russian nationals and suggested that they should focus their pro-Trump “‘activities on purple states like Colorado, Virginia & Florida.’” This person was not named, nor the organization with which they were affiliated, but that didn’t stop many in the media from leaping to the conclusion that it must be the Texas Nationalist Movement.

TNM was swift in their reply, responding even before many stories had ink pressed to paper. In a statement, TNM President Daniel Miller, had the following to say:

Today’s indictments from Robert Mueller related to the Russia investigation are not surprising. While the TNM has fielded media reports for months related to this issue, we have been absolutely transparent on this matter and maintain that our organization had no knowledge of nor any involvement with the Russian-led efforts to influence the 2016 General Election. However, the Mueller indictment cites an example of a “Texas-based grassroots organization” who were contacted for the purpose of

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