North Carolina: Majority at Rally on Capitol Grounds Pro-Monument

People from across North Carolina got the chance to speak out on the fate of the confederate monuments on the Raleigh state capitol grounds. A special committee is tasked with recommending if the statues should remain where they are, or be moved to a state historic site.

Many speakers wanting to have their say about those three confederate monuments at Capitol Square have done so online. But this was the first time the Confederate Monuments Study Committee got to hear and see the public face-to-face. And there were ground rules. Ten, to be exact.

The Women of the Confederacy monument was a gift to the state by Confederate veteran Col. Ashley Horne, and was unveiled in June 1914. It was the wish of Colonel Horne to recognize the suffering and hardship faced by women during this tragic period.

“Number five: that speakers be allowed to speak for one minute then a red warning card shall be held up after 30 seconds has passed,” said David Ruffin, chairman of the committee.

The gathering was very organized, in the auditorium of the Archives and History State Library Building. People signed in and that …

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