A New Direction

Identity Dixie – So much of what the American Dissident Right has done since 2015 has been a clusterfuck of wad blowing and spaghetti spilling. That’s a big statement, especially from someone who hasn’t taken part in any street action. Just hear me out for a minute.

I’m not claiming that all street actions are a waste or that they are all optics disasters. The League has fantastic “street actions.” With the exception of Charlottesville, they rarely march in with shields, preferring to stand with flags and signs, planting seeds in people’s minds. We can compare this to actions of other groups, who prefer to show up and hold pitched battles in the streets.

We can’t keep having these pitched battles. We can’t keep having spergs throwing up Roman salutes and “sieg heiling” in the streets for the news cameras…

Source: A New Direction – Identity Dixie

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