Am I a Communist?

The 2015 movie Trumbo tells the story of Communist and Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. He was at the top of his game and much in demand in 1947 when McCarthyism took hold and Communists in all areas of public life were exposed, some being jailed. The movie is meant to portray Trumbo as noble, heroic, and victimized by narrow-minded bigots. Trumbo will not deny being a Communist and will not cooperate with the McCarthy hearings. He is sent to jail, and his life and his family begin to unravel. Before he goes to jail, his young daughter knows that some serious business is afoot, but she does not really understand the nature of the problem. There is a scene where she asks her father about Communism. Trumbo is portrayed as the epitome of wisdom and humanity as he helps his daughter come to grips with whether or not she may be a Communist. The scene is quite brief. You should click the link and watch it. Trumbo asks his daughter what she would do if she took a lunch to school and saw another kid there who had no lunch. She says that she would share her lunch with the …

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