Bungle in the Jungle: Justin Trudeau’s Colossal Failure of an Indian Trip

Shed a tear for Canada. February was a rough month for her. It’s not enough that Indian activists, still irate over the Colten Boushie decision, are hurling recriminations of discrimination in her face and making her feel guilty (admittedly, not hard to do). It also isn’t enough that, in the recently completed Pyeongchang Olympics, Canada’s vaunted men’s hockey team captured a dismal bronze medal, and its equally vaunted men’s curling team didn’t even make it to the podium. No, the cherry on the sundae had to have been her professional gadfly Justin Trudeau’s catastrophically ill-conceived trek to India, a venture so laden with self-inflicted humiliations it makes Clark Griswold look like a master of organization. And in true narcissistic fashion, Twinkletoes seems blithely unaware that anything at all went amiss.

Why did our very own not-quite-Millennial Lord Mountbatten opt to visit the Raj in the first place? Well, to hear him tell it, it was all part of an extremely important trade mission to settle a Canadian-Indian dispute over legume shipments. It was so important, in fact, that Twinkletoes didn’t see fit to invite Canada’s international trade minister along for the negotiations – filling the seat thus left …

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