Democrats “Claiming” Victory in PA-18 Special Election

Last night in a squeaker, Democrat Conor Lamb claimed victory over Republican Rick Saccone in a special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. Though the race is still being considered as “too close to call,” the fact that this very red district is even being disputed is an ominous sign for Republicans hoping to hold onto the Congress this November.

There is pattern emerging in special elections since the 2016 ballot since Trump won. Democrats have been showing greater enthusiasm at the polls than Republicans, even in areas where Trump won by significant margins. Although it’s two early to call this win any kind of a referendum on Trump or the GOP, with Pennsylvania 18 being only the third win for Democrats out of nine congressional contests (that includes the U.S. Senate win in Alabama), it does show that Democrats can win in red territory. And with 40 House Republicans having announced retirement or that they’re seeking other office for this election cycle, Democrats only need to flip 24 more seats to take control of the House for the November mid-terms: not impossible, especially if the Republicans don’t have the power of incumbency on their side. In …

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