Gun Control in the “Gunshine” State Courtesy of New York and Illinois

In the past, Florida has been referred to as the “Gunshine” State. Historically, our laws have recognized the God-given right to self-protection by whatever means necessary. (Though admittedly, I would be the first to acknowledge that they could have been much improved.)


Now it would seem that Florida is seeking to lead the nation in the imposition of liberty-denying, gun control legislation.


The horrible shooting that took place in Parkland was no doubt the catalyst for the recent tyrannical legislation. However, an honest evaluation of that occurrence would show that it was a failure of government, at virtually every level, that made such a massacre possible.


I suppose that I might be counted as insensitive for noticing, but it is readily apparent to me that those who are promoting Florida’s new found interest in gun control have something in common. Most of them are not from around here.



Take for instance, Andrew Pollack, a father whose daughter was fatally shot by Nikolas Cruz. I sincerely respect his grief and his anger and his desire to do “something.”  Though I suppose it would be much better to do something that could actually make a difference in the

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