Happy Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day often takes a back seat to holidays such as July fourth, but it honestly shouldn’t. Without March second, there is no July fourth for Texans. And as the government in Washington turns from its roots, robbing us of limited government and individual liberty, March second becomes more a source of hope for more Texans who look to a restoration of Liberty. So, as you plan your Texas Independence Day activities, enjoying family, food, and maybe fireworks, take a moment to remember our Texas forefathers, and what they did to provide the freedom we enjoy today! 

(The following is an article updated and re-published from last year.)

Reconstruction of the building where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed at Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site.

On this day, 182 years ago, delegates from across Texas signed a formal declaration to the Government of Mexico, and its military dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna, that they would no longer entreaty him for the restoration of their liberties, ones that he had suspended in xenophobic anxiety. Instead, they declared their liberation from his usurping rule, dissolving their partnership with Mexico and becoming a free and independent nation.

This …

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