Have you figured it out yet? If not, I’m guessing you never will.

So tell me something, all you Trumpsters, have you figured it out yet? Or will you continue to defend a man who has proven himself to be a liberal, New York yankee? I mean really; it should have been obvious from the beginning, but I was astonished that so many fell prey to the great deception — folks who really should have known better. Are you awake yet?

Do you get it that Trump is a man without a political or moral compass? He is a man with no understanding of, or respect for God-given natural rights. Those rights that are supposedly protected by the US Constitution, a document which he swore to defend and protect.
Assuming that he is not removed from office, how many of you will be voting for him again in 2020? Really, it’s no wonder that this country is in the horrendous and irredeemable shape that it’s in.
I still hear folks lauding Trump for at least preventing the election of Hitlery Clinton.
Let me explain to you how that works. If Hitlery had been elected, those spineless politicians in the District of Corruption, those who masquerade as the opposition party, would have at least

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