Invasion of the Anti-Tourists

NEW YORK—A stroll down Bleecker Street, once a haven for bars, nightclubs, Off Broadway theaters, Mafia hangouts, beatnik cafés, and weird secondhand shops, has recently become treacherous due to these little makeshift flash mobs that congregate in front of nondescript buildings for no apparent reason, blocking the sidewalk and gawking at their Svengali-like performance-art gurus.

Welcome to the Anti-Tourist Walking Tour.

This has been building up for a long time. It all starts with the guy who says, “Hey, I’m coming to New York on vacation, but I don’t want to do anything touristy.”

And what they mean is, they don’t wanna go to the Statue of Liberty, they don’t wanna go to Ellis Island, they don’t wanna do the Empire State Building or the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan or take a Central Park carriage ride or see a Broadway show or—God forbid—wander through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They don’t wanna see Grant’s Tomb, either, but that’s understandable because nobody for the past seventy years has wanted to see Grant’s Tomb.

No, what they want to see is the brownstone at 64 Perry Street where Carrie on Sex and the City lived, and then …

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