Landslide Victory for Putin in the Russian Presidential Election

Vladimir Putin emerged victorious from Sunday’s Russian presidential election, winning 76% of the vote and being declared the outright winner. He will remain the country’s leader until 2024. Along with the only other nationalist in the race, Sergey Baburin of the Russian All-People’s Union, the right therefore won 77% of the vote in the election. Russia’s political landscape has swung strongly towards Christian traditionalism. Less than a quarter of the vote went to the left, with the Communist Party candidate, Pavel Grudinin, coming in second with 12% of the vote. The faux-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky came in third with just under 6% of the vote.

Putin, who ran as an independent, was also endorsed by Russia’s largest nationalist party, Rodina, who opted against running a candidate of their own. Putin’s credentials as a leading advocate of traditionalist values are well-known. He is supportive of large families and strongly opposes gay “marriage.” He is a top strategist and in terms of foreign policy, certainly the most sensible prominent world leader. However, less well-known are his (albeit mild) ethnonationalist sentiments. Back in 2013, Putin expressed concern that “Europeans are dying out.” That he was referring to the native white population is evident, …

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