Latin American Press Covers ‘Texit’ and Gets It Right!

There’s a curious thing about reading news in the foreign press on the news from the states: not being directly impacted by that news, with the foreign press there can be less temptation to shape the story into a narrative that feeds the biases of the reporter. Because of this, you sometimes get some impartial and accurate reporting on certain topics, whereas domestically, these same stories are either spun or just ignored. This was certainly the case with Latin America’s Economí’s recent article by Jaime Palacios, “‘Texit’, the independence movement that can shake the foundations of the United States.” (Note: the article was originally in Spanish, and any quotes featured are translated via Google.)

The Economíahoy article is a general overview of the merits of Texas independence and focuses on the Texas Nationalist Movement, the largest and oldest on-going organization promoting independence in Texas. It begins discussing the history of Texas’ founding, Texas Independence Day, and even refers to the Battle of the Alamo as a “massacre,” at the hands of Santa Anna. Then it gets into specifics about Texas’ chances of reasserting her independence, using data that hardly gets a fair-hearing on this side of the …

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