Nashville Finally Gets it Right

Nashville has taken a surprising but welcome approach to remembering its Civil War history that hopefully many more municipalities will follow. Instead of embracing the Confederacy and the rhetoric of the Lost Cause like many of its Southern neighbors, Nashville has chosen to honor the Union and the African Americans who helped win the war.
Earlier this month, Nashville’s Mayor David Briley unveiled a plan to honor the contributions of African Americans who fought for the Union at Fort Negley, a fort built by Union troops after they captured Nashville in 1862. More than 2,700 African Americans helped build Fort Negley that year, and then fought for the Union at the Battle of Nashville in 1864.
“Our country, our city has never really done what is necessary to acknowledge the sacrifices of the slaves in our country, to atone for what is and will be a great scar on our nation’s history, or to take steps toward reconciliation,” said Mayor Briley at a news conference announcing his plan.
In contrast to Nashville, South Carolina has a pro-Confederacy gubernatorial candidate, and has even proposed a monument to celebrate the African Americans who “fought” for the Confederacy. (FYI no slaves enlisted and

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