New Jersey Bill Would Legalize Marijuana; Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition

TRENTON, N.J. (Mar. 21, 2018) – A bill filed in the New Jersey Assembly would legalize marijuana, setting the foundation to nullify federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state.

Asm. Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) introduced Assembly Bill 3581 (A3581) on Mar. 12. The legislation would allow adults 21 or older to possess, use, purchase or transport “marijuana paraphernalia; one ounce or less of marijuana; 16 ounces or less of marijuana-infused product in solid form; 72 ounces or less in liquid form; 7 grams or less of marijuana concentrate; and up to 6 immature marijuana plants.”

Disobeying the rules and regulations for possession and distribution of marijuana would still be considered a criminal offense under the law. Local communities could ban retail marijuana stores, cultivation facilities and manufacturing centers under A3581. Marijuana processors, retailers and transporters would have to be licensed by the state.

Gusciora once served as a prosecutor and saw the resources that were wasted on marijuana cases first hand. This is what makes him such a vocal proponent of reform.

“Ninety percent of the arrests on the municipal level are about a joint found in an ashtray,” Asm. Gusciora said to “The person …

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