Permission Not Required: Constitutional Carry Bill up for Consideration in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. (March 5, 2018) –  A so-called  “Constitutional Carry” bill prefiled in the Louisiana House would make it legal for state residents 21 and over to carry a firearm without a license. Passage of the bill would also foster an environment hostile to federal gun control.

Rep. Barry Ivey (R-Baton Rouge) prefiled House Bill 412 (HB412) on March 1. Under the proposed law, any Louisiana resident age 21 or over not prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law could carry a concealed firearm without a license

Under HB412, state residents would still be able to obtain a license in order to legally carry concealed in states that have conceal carry permit reciprocity with Louisiana.

While constitutional carry bills do not directly affect federal gun control, widespread passage of permitless conceal carry laws in states subtly undermines federal efforts to regulate guns. As we’ve seen with marijuana and industrial hemp, a federal regulation becomes ineffective when states ignore it and pass laws encouraging the prohibited activity anyway. The federal government lacks the enforcement power necessary to maintain its ban, and people will willingly take on the small risk of federal sanctions if they …

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