Remember: Apart from God’s grace, you and I are complete morons.

It’s easy to nod and agree with the idea of grace.

It’s easy to say “amen” when we hear someone proclaim the beauty and necessity of having grace toward one another.

But when we’re “in the moment” – particularly a moment of confrontation with someone holding a position or advocating a cause with which we really, really, really disagree…well…then the whole grace thing tends to look a little different to us. In that sort of situation the lofty, beautiful principle of grace seems to find itself tossed out the window or trampled underfoot as we make a beeline towards pummeling “the enemy”.

Are there times to be hard and confrontational with someone?


Is pointed and even at times crude language appropriate in certain situations?

Oh yes, to be sure.

Are there conversational contexts that warrant – and even demand – that we man up, suit up, and vigorously fight for the Kingdom of God?


Even so, we should always be pursuing and praying for clarity as to when those situations exist and precisely how to handle each of them as the individual events that they are.

As we engage more and more frequently on subjects that seemed …

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