SoS Tillerson Latest Trump Firing

Another week, another Trump administration official terminated. Much like a box of Kleenex, It seems that President Trump prefers his officials to be disposable. And, in the latest culling from administration, Rex Tillerson joins a growing list of former administration officials who’ve shuffled-off the executive coil. With so many errors like these, Texas and the other states are left to wonder if maybe their confidence in this administration and its abilities was misplaced.

Trump came into office stressing the importance of finding the best people to fill the various positions within the cabinet. And while it’s normal to have a few firings in a new administration, even that sends some signal of trouble within the executive, both at home and abroad. However, the Trump administration is setting new standards for the revolving door that is his administration; It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous. Trump is going through cabinet members faster than Lincoln went through generals! Nearly every week, it seems as though somebody is fired, quits, or is pressured into retiring!

The reasons for these purges vary. Some recurring themes that follow ex-administration officials are that they didn’t sufficiently fall in line with Trump’s wishes, embarrassed him, or otherwise …

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